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Donations that get to that heart of what you want to support

Sometimes when we donate to charity we are inspired to do so by a particular event or service that we feel we want to support.

To make that support a little easier we have created an Amazon Wishlist; a list of goods we would be purchasing for our services through financial donations.

Through our Wishlist you are now able to purchase those items directly and Amazon will ship straight to us, making sure your donation goes exactly where you want it to.

What sort of items are on the list?
Various things! Some items might be things we use regularly like pens and pencils for our art therapy sessions, other might one off like a blue tooth speaker for our Wellbeing Days.

There may even be larger more expensive items for bigger projects like our Patient Garden.

You choose how much you want to spend and what your money goes on.

Do I have to then post the items to you?
No! Amazon will do that for you. Just select the Rossendale Hospice FAO Admin's Gift Registry Address which should appear in your list of address options thank to the wishlist settings. You don't have to add anyother shipping address details and Amazon already know which days we are open to receive deliveries.
Can I not just buy you things from my local shops?
Of course you can! This is just a easy way to list the kinds of goods we find useful and simplify donations for those who may not be able to bring items to the hospice themselves.

If you are thinking about what we may need, this list is updated regularly and is always a good indicator of what we're looking for, whether you buy it from Amazon or not.

Can I send you other things?
Yes, although if it varies wildly from items on the list, it might be worth calling us first to see if we can use it as you would like it to be used. 

We're always looking for things like jigsaws and colouring or puzzle books, so you can send as many of those as you see fit.

If you're ordering items not in our list you may have to enter our delivery address:

Fundraising Department Rossendale Hospice,
New Cribden House, Rossendale PHCC,
161 Bacup Road, Rawtenstenstall,
BB4 7PL,

Phone number: 07774 336186

Why are there things like chocolate and paper plates?
Sometimes we throw special event parties for our patiens, such as the King's Coronation or Easter and other times we may use things as fundraising items like chcolate eggs when we do our schools' Bunny Hop.

If you're ever not sure why we need something and want to check first, you can always call us on  01706 393898


Amazon wishlist
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