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Dementia Support

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When you cannot change the outcome, you can still determine the nature of your journey

Dementia Diagnosis Days

The aim of this service within the hospice is to support patients who have been newly diagnosed with early onset dementia, or memory issues. 

We believe equipping patients and their carers with the right information and resources at that early stage can not only see them prepared for the changes to come but also slow those changes.

Who benefits from this service?
This service is for those who have recently been diagnosed with memory issues and are looking for help. 

For those who have managed their symptoms for some time, other resources are available.
This is also a time to support those caring for those living with dementia, by providing a link to the services available in the Rossendale area, a time to talk to others in the same position, to access support for themselves, and also much needed regular respite.

Family members and carers of our patients are as affected by the changes as our patients, so it is vital to give them the help they need too.

What happens at the sessions?
The day will start at 10am, when carers can drop off their relative, access some support themselves from knowledgeable staff here at the hospice, have time just to talk, or go off to do things they need to do. 

The nature of the sessions are flexible, dependant on the group members, their needs and desires. Our team will build a day that focuses meaningful socialising with peers with activities chosen that can improve focus, memory and recall. Whilst it should be a day of quality and informed care, it is importantly a day with friends filled with fun and normality.

Materials will be provided to aid the fun and mindfulness such as puzzles, games and art therapy equipment.

The patient will be treated to a nutritious  cooked lunch, then stay with us at the hospice until 2pm when they can be collected again. 

Why is this a hospice service?
When people hear the word hospice they often think immediately about end of life care, which we do provide, but here at Rossendale Hospice we believe that care comes in many forms. 

Our focus is on those who face life-limiting conditions and to help them navigate their way through from diagnosis, fear and confusion to a managed condition with informed treatment tools and a friendly face.

All of our spaces are as bright and welcoming as our staff and team of volunteers. Patients across our services often speak to their surprise at how warm an environment it is to be in. 

Patients and carers are free to visit in advance if they have reservations or questions about any of our services.

How do I access this service?
We offer our Dementia Diagnosis Days as a free 12 week course. This allows our patients and their carers time to adjust to the new diagnosis and learn tools and tips to move forward positively.

This is a rolling course, so they start when is right for the patient with no need to wait for a new 12 week programme to begin. This means the patient and their family can get the help they need when they need it most.

Patients can be referred by their GP, district nurses, memory clinic, or family members.

Sessions are run every Friday at Rossendale Hospice by our trained team of nurses and support workers.
You can email for more details.

Dementia Diagnosis Days


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