The Giving Tree is a way to remember a loved one or celebrate a fundraising success.  It stands proudly in our reception area and is one of the first things that you see when you come into the Hospice. You can’t help but light up when you are graced with the Tree and so many heartfelt dedications and achievements, it’s a safe haven.

The tree is home to over 170 engraved leaves and has been a place of great honor for more than 10 years.  Each dedication is uniquely engraved and remains proudly devoted to those who raised funds or in memory of a loved one. 

There are 2 options to make a dedication on the Giving Tree: 

1) Raise £1,000 for a gold leaf on the tree or £10,000 for a platinum leaf (this can include historic donations to present) 

2) Set up a regular donation or donate annually to have a flower (25pm / £200 annually) or Birds (£50pm / £600 annually) on the tree

Leaves dedicated remain on the tree for a maximum of 10 years. 

If you choose to opt for a bird or flower the dedication will remain for the length of time you wish to donate. After 12 months you may wish to stop your donation and keep your dedication as a keepsake. 


Do you have a certain quote that your mum, Grandad or any close relative used to say to you when you were little that you have never forgotten about? A certain activity that you loved to do together? Were they known by a certain nickname? This is your opportunity to remember them how you want to.  

Giving Tree Dedication Evenings:

Every few months, you will have the opportunity to attend a ‘Leaf Night.’ An invitation will be sent to you once your bird/flower or leaf is ready to be added to the tree. You will be able to bring close family and friends to celebrate with you to honour your loved one or witness your achievement if you are doing it as a business or from an event that you took part in.   

After a year of donations your dedication could gift an hours nursing care in our Wellbeing service. Whilst being a special way to remember a loved one, it also has an incredible impact to our patients.

Would you like to make a pledge to raise £1,000 or check how much you have donated to present? Click the link below to complete a Giving Pledge Form


“My Ann. My Life. My All. Waiting for me x”

“Talking Heads Hair Salon”

“Brenda Pullman. The Love I have is yours”

“Loveclough Social Club 2006”

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