Vera Hemsley

It was July 2013 when I found myself outside the lift doors of the Rossendale Hospice.

My mental state was in utter turmoil, and I just stood there with tears streaming down my face, but I just managed to utter the words “I’ve got inoperable lung cancer”

The next thing I knew there was a Nurse’s arms wrapped around me, and I was ushered into a private room. That was the beginning of a journey that I no longer had to travel alone

I was invited to attend the Day Therapy where I had chance to talk, to listen and to have ‘me time’.

My days at Day Therapy were a beacon of light, and respite from my Cancer Treatment.

I benefitted enormously from complementary therapies and the psycho-hypnotherapy helped me get through the chemo.

I had an arduous course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy which made me feel very ill. At times I was unable to and didn’t want to do anything for myself.

At the Hospice I met lovely people, we both laughed and cried together, we had activities to keep us occupied.

It’s three years on now – and I am still alive to tell this tale! My cancer treatment is successful so far and I continue to have a check-up every three months.

I know that if I need it – the support of Day Therapy is only a phone call away. The staff and volunteers are second to none. When I see them, it is like greeting my family. They will forever have a place in my heart.

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