Sue Kinsley

I was diagnosed with COPD in 2013 and heart failure in 2014. Having COPD means that I struggle to breathe and my quality of life can be poor. I can walk but have limited mobility so use a scooter. What once would have been a five minute shopping trip now takes me over an hour. I am incredibly fortunate to have a large and loving family who live nearby and are able to support me and enable me to maintain my independence.

COPD meant that I could no longer do my job and I had to take early retirement, I miss working and the company of my former colleagues. Having an illness like COPD can be quite isolating, sometimes due to lack of breathe I am unable to talk.

I was referred to Rossendale Hospice Long Term Condition support nurses by my GP who came to assess my needs at home and referred me to Day Therapy. Initially I was dubious but I need not have been, the atmosphere is so calm. The Hospice is such a happy place and lifts my spirits. Coming to the Hospice and being able to chat with others who have the same illness has certainly increased my confidence – my daughter comments that since attending Day Therapy I am more relaxed and positive.

I have always loved making crafts and from attending the Hospice I take part in art and craft therapies and have learnt how to paint on silk, make dream catchers and mosaics. I have enjoyed listening to speakers and learning new things from others. I have received counselling which has helped me accept issues and put things into perspective. The nurses have helped me identify new avenues of support.

Attending Day Therapy has been a real pleasure and when my thirteen weeks comes to an end I will miss coming.

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