Jeanette Bell

At Easter I noticed a lump in my neck, although I didn’t feel ill immediately I made an appointment with my GP to have it checked out.

I was put on a two month waiting list to see a neck specialist at the hospital. Knowing how worried I was, my employer generously offered to pay for a private consultation. Two weeks later I was told I had cancer.

Following a PET and CT scan, I was informed cancer was in my lymph nodes, shoulder, right lung, chest and kidney. The cancer cannot be cured and I have been told I have 5 years left to live, I am hoping that will be 10!

Both a friend and my GP suggested I visited the Hospice. At first, I thought ‘what can they possibly do to help me?’ When I come to the Hospice on a Tuesday, it is a day that I completely relax, I enjoy reflexology and aromatherapy massage and have also received counselling to help me come to terms with my diagnosis. There are lots of things to get involved in, if you want to.

I work in a shop and know many people who have had curable cancer but not incurable cancer. By coming to the Hospice I am able to chat to others with similar conditions and compare notes. I have had to stop working but I am hoping to return to work when I’ve finished my chemo.

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