James Clayton

James is 31 years old and has Multiple Sclerosis. About five years ago, James kept getting pins and needles sensation in his arms, one day he fell down the stairs.

Falling down the stairs was life changing for James, it was following his fall that he was diagnosed with MS, a neurological condition that affects the nerves in the brain and spinal cord. James spent fourteen months in hospital; initially he was on a life support machine and could not do any more than blink.

Fortunately James has made a good recovery but due to his lack of balance he struggles to walk and now depends on a wheelchair. James lives at home with his parents who wake him and get him up in a morning. James has carers who assist him preparing meals twice a day. Due to his condition James is unable to return to his previous employment in electronics.

James was referred to Rossendale Hospice by Social Services, he now attends attends Day Therapy every Tuesday. James’s carer from ‘Shared Lives’ often fetches him to the Hospice, but on occasions he’ll use the Hospice patient transport. Coming to the Hospice is an opportunity for James to get out of the house and meet other people. Whilst James is at the Hospice he has received psychotherapy sessions, benefitted from massages and enjoys simply talking to other patients.

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