Our Vision, Mission, Values & Behaviours

Our Vision

We aim to positively influence a future in which everyone within the Rossendale community facing life limiting illness receives the best possible care and support.

Underpinning our Vision are four core values:


• We take a person-centred approach in all our interactions with patients, families and our staff.

• We provide compassionate care and support demonstrating our inclusivity and understanding to everyone.


• We demonstrate fairness, respect, dignity and empathy in all our interactions with people.

• We take responsibility for our actions, speaking out, listening and learning from our experiences and feedback gained.


• We communicate clearly to our patients, partners and our staff with transparency and honesty.

• We welcome and encourage feedback from everyone to help drive sustainable improvements.


• Quality and safety are at the heart of everything we do.

• We continuously improve our services with the patient in mind.

Our behaviours


• I understand how I affect the experience we create for our patients and their families.

• I recognise that demonstrating care and compassion to everyone is an absolute requirement in my work.

• I will be respectful to others in all circumstances and situations. 

• I value diversity and inclusivity. I recognise people are different and I treat people fairly, according to their needs and without judging.


• I am always positive about our hospice when outside work.

• I recognise and appreciate the generosity of the community we serve and support every opportunity to raise funds for the hospice.

• I support my colleagues and inspire the people around me by choosing a positive attitude every day. 

• I notice how I behave and the impact this has on others. I learn from my experiences and take time to reflect. 


• I welcome feedback and I am able to offer constructive feedback. I understand that it is my responsibility to ask for help and support.

• I embrace and support change, in order to improve the quality of care to our patients.

• I communicate effectively particularly about the needs of patients and their families. It is my responsibility to raise any concerns I may have in the appropriate way.

• I am an inclusive team member, I listen to others’ opinions and put my own views forward in a constructive way.


• I take every opportunity to think about how I can improve the service I deliver and the way I do my work.

• I take time to learn from best practice and I will share this learning.

• I understand that the needs of our patients and their families are paramount and I consider their individual circumstances. 

• I work collaboratively with colleagues and partners to understand and fulfil the needs of our patients and their families.

Our values

We have four values, compassion, integrity, openness and excellence. Anyone coming into contact with Rossendale Hospice, whether as a service user, supporter, staff member or shop customer, will experience the same level of care and professionalism on which we’ve built our reputation. We operate within the framework of these four core values. Our staff and volunteers aim to uphold these values, irrespective of their role. We recognise and adopt appropriate behaviours which ensure we always work within our values.