Advance Care Planning can help you and your carers (family and friends who are involved in your care) to understand what is important to you. The plan provides an ideal opportunity to discuss and record in writing your views with those who are close to you. It will help you to be clear about the decisions you make and the attached planning guidance form will allow you to record your wishes in writing so that they can be carried out at the appropriate time.

Remember that your feelings and priorities may change over time. You have choices in what may happen in the future such as being able to remain living independently at home. This document allows you to voice your own preferred choices.  You can change what you have written whenever you wish to, and it would be advisable to review your plan regularly (every 3–6 months) to make sure that it still reflects what you want. Remember to sign and date this document when you review it so that it is clear to others.

Please note that this booklet and Sections are not designed to be completed all at once. It can be filled in over a period of time, as and when you feel comfortable to do so, but a good place to start is Section One “Statement of your wishes and care preferences”

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