Inter School Penny Challenge 2017

The Inter School Penny Challenge raised £4538.

Pictures of 3 winning schools

Did your school take part in the Inter-School Penny Challenge this year? If so give yourself a pat on the back because you helped raise a fantastic £4538!! And still the money continues to come in! The main aim of this challenge is to raise awareness of the work we do at the Hospice and also get the children's ideas flowing about how they could raise the funds to fill their penny box in the 6 weeks they had. The boxes were sponsored by Farrow & Farrow and the pennies are counted by our lovely volunteers so all of your contributions go to helping our patients. Here we have the schools who won their individual categories Little Stars Pre School, Helmshore Primary School & Haslingden High School. A huge thank you to all the schools in the Valley who supported us and to Natwest Rawtenstall. We really appreciate your hard work.