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Trade up Challenge

Trade up Challenge

1st March


1st March, 00:00AM

What is the Trade up Challenge?

When taking part in this challenge you will be sent a random object or item and your challenge is to sell it or swap it as many times as you can.  Each time you exchange it for something of higher value.

The challenge runs until 1st March and then you have 3 options to trade in your end item:
1) Sell it for the final time and donate the proceeds to Rossendale Hospice
2) Sell it via Ebay and choose to donate a percentage of the proceeds to Rossendale Hospice
3) Donate the final item to the Hospice and we will sell the item through our Ebay Shop.

It’s totally free to sign up and have a go.You are not required to raise a certain amount of money.

£50 could fund a Hospice at Home visit for a patient receiving end of life care
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