I’m Penny and I’m very excited to have been adopted by my friends at Rossendale Hospice.

Penny at 5 Weeks old

I am a Mangalitsa Cross Middle White pig and when I’m big, I will have a long curly coat. They tell me I am a rare British breed originating from Keighley, but I say I’m not just rare, I’m unique!

The lovely people at the Hospice like collecting pennies as it all adds up to a lot for local people who need their marvellous care and support.

I’m proud to have become their mascot so that I can help them collect as many pennies as possible. You can help me by collecting money in your special penny box.

I love that I have been immortalised as a ‘hospice superhero’ by the team and all the many disguises they find for my alter-ego. I love that she gets to wear fabulous outfits!

Penny the Super Pig

 I can’t wait to share snippets of my life at Kiln Clough Farm with you and I might even invite you over for a visit sometime.

Happy penny collecting!