Gifts In Kind

Gifts in kind can save the hospice an incredible amount of money, and often reduce our operating and event expenses. We are always looking for items that we may be able to use as tombola, raffle or auction prizes for fundraising events held throughout the year.

Art Exhibition Textiles Ltd kindly provided us with luminous yellow running vests to issue to people who took part on our behalf. The vests certainly make us ‘stand out’ in the crowd, as you can see below

If you feel your company has something to offer that we would be able to use within the fundraising department, please contact us on 01706 253633 or email

You may be able to spare us your time and/or expertise, or simply like to make a suggestion that would benefit our fundraising activities, if so we would love to hear from you.

Did you know?

Donations of goods or equipment

A company can get tax relief if they donate items that they would normally sell. If you give items to Rossendale Hospice, they are not counted as a sale, so your company can get tax relief on the cost of the article.

Donation of employees

If your company provided an employee to work for Rossendale Hospice on a secondment or a temporary basis your company can deduct the costs of their employment, including the employee’s salary in the company’s accounts


If employees are volunteering during work time, the company can claim tax relief for the employment costs incurred (employee’s salary). The company needs to treat the costs as a business expense when calculating chargeable profits for Corporation Tax purposes.