Gift Aid

Many of our supporters do not realise that claiming gift aid on donations comes at no cost to you and that is why we have over £12,500 in unclaimed gift aid in 2020, which could provide a huge amount of support to our patients. To put this in perspective, this amount of unclaimed funds could provide over 96 Night Sits to patients who are receiving care in their own home.

The Government Gift Aid Scheme allows us to reclaim the tax on every donation you have made to Rossendale Hospice in the past four years and any further donations you choose to make in the future. You only have to tick that box once. You can cancel your gift aid at any time.

If you can help in this way please complete a gift aid declaration to help raise funds to continue caring for the most vulnerable at their greatest time of need.

Read more about Gift Aid on the Inland Revenue website


I would like Rossendale Hospice to reclaim the tax on any donations I have made in the last four years and all future donations, unless I notify you otherwise. I note that I must have paid enough UK income tax or capital gains tax to cover all my charitable donations. Council tax and VAT do not quality.

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