Carry On Caring

Carry on Caring COVID-19 appeal

Rossendale Hospice has launched an appeal in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We need your help now more than ever before to maintain our end of life care during these unprecedented times. 

Over 80% of the Hospice’s income is received through donations from various fundraising events, community activities and corporate partnerships. With all our Spring events being cancelled or postponed, and all three shops temporarily shut, we are bracing ourselves for a huge loss from fundraising and retail income.  The loss in funds, estimated to be at £100,000, will equate to over 800 hours of nursing care.

Our campaign aims to address this shortfall in funding. Any donation, no matter how large or small, goes towards providing care to our patients and family/carers during the final months and weeks of their life. A donation of £10 would provide a box of protective gloves for nurses while £100 funds a nurse for the day. 

Thank you for your support.


A Day in the Life of the Hospice at Home Team 

Many people say ‘It takes a special person to provide hospice care’, and in the current global Covid-19 pandemic, we feel they’re ‘extra special’. 

The hospice at home team remain working hard in our community on the frontline of vital care provision. Sofia and Louise can tell you about the difficult journey of dealing with a terminal illness; speak of the many patients and families that stick in their hearts and minds and tell you how the power of human touch can be vital for those they support.  They can tell you this and more, but what does the Hospice at Home team do? 

The teams ensure they have the correct personal protective equipment prior to commencing work at 9am, which has been increased in light of the virus outbreak as advised by Public Health England.

Their goal is to make sure the patient is as comfortable and pain free as possible, with a focus also on feeling good about themselves. “Promoting as good as possible quality of life for our patients is so important, and we encourage it with warmth and respect” says Sofia. “It’s also about supporting their families and loved ones who come together to share this journey, a journey which is theirs, but we can support and guide them through with empathy and compassion,” added Louise.

Our patient’s needs and priorities differ, ‘we’re all unique’, and so care is assessed and planned to ensure individualism prior to care giving. Our Patients are at the very heart of everything we do and we work together with them to create and agree a care plan.  We can assist patients with all aspects of personal care and hygiene needs to help them feel refreshed. At times, the most important need of someone is for us to make a good cup of tea and be an emotional support, even at the most difficult of times.

Following an afternoon break, (when the other team continue to visit patients) the team is back out in the community early evening; checking in on the patients we saw in the morning to make sure they are settled and comfortable. At this point it will also be checking and monitoring any problematic symptoms, such as pain and perhaps changing the position the patient is lying in, and if required, making contact with other professionals, such as district nurses. “We want to make sure patients are clean, settled and comfortable to see them through the night.” says Louise.  

The Hospice at Home night sitting service offers care throughout night from 9.30pm and 7.30am, which is a huge additional support to patients, families and carers. 

We feel privileged to be able to offer care, help and support to our patients and their family/carer, particularly in the really difficult circumstances due to the Corona Virus.

Every Moment Counts