A Gift In Your Will

Why should I make a Will?

Making a Will ensures that your loved ones are provided for as you wish. Unless you make a Will, you cannot guarantee that your estate will be distributed as you desired.

If you die without having made a Will (known as Intestate) the law directs how your assets are divided. Making a Will is particularly important if you have children as ‘testimony guardians’ (people chosen to care for your children should you die) can be appointed by your Will. By having a Will properly executed by a reputable solicitor you can be assured that provisions have been made for your loved ones.

Any gift in your Will made to a UK registered charity such as Rossendale Hospice will be tax free and may help reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax your estate would otherwise have to pay.

For further information please look at our Will Guide below, contact our Head of Fundraising whose contact details are below, and/or click on the link at the bottom of the page.


Why leave a gift to Rossendale Hospice in your Will?

A gift in your Will (legacy) enables us to continue our valuable and much needed work within the community and helps us to plan for the future. No matter how small or large we are most grateful.

If you would like to know how a gift in your Will would make a lasting impact on Rossendale Hospice, please contact Clare Richards in confidence on 01706 253633 opt 3 or by email clare.richards@rossendalehospice.org


Why not take advantage of our Make a Will Online 


Do something amazing. Leave a gift in your will to the Hospice in Rossendale

We’ll be honest. We couldn’t do what we do without supporters like you. You’re here to learn more about gifts in wills. We know that many supporters who want to support us in this way never get around to it. If you make a will today you will change our ability to care in the future.  


Make a Will

To make it easier than ever to make a will safely and securely we have teamed up with Make a Will Online. Go to www.makeawillonline.co.uk/rossendalehospice and start making a will today. Every will is checked by a qualified solicitor for your peace of mind.  We’ll automatically find out about gifts left in wills which is enormously helpful to us. 


See a solicitor…

If you want to see a traditional solicitor you should do that.  If you already have your own family solicitor – speak to them to update your will – but don’t forget to let us know that you’ve done this! Finally if you are in any of the following categories you should speak with a solicitor face to face too: (a) high value estates above the inheritance tax threshold, (b) if you are very poorly or have concerns around mental capacity, (c) if you have a complex estate (e.g. trust income) or (d) you’d simply prefer not make a will online.  You can go to the Law Society or Solicitors Regulation Authority to find a solicitor.


Don’t forget to ensure our full details are used. “Hospice in Rossendale”, our charity number: 1008228, and our registered address: Rossendale Hospice New Cribden House 161 Bacup Road Rawtenstall Rossendale BB4 7PL.


Your information

When you make a will online above we will learn about the existence of a will and about the gifts.  If you give permission we’ll get your name and contact information too.  All of this is incredibly useful for us.  We do understand that you may want to make a will completely confidentially.  To do this, click here to make an online will. None of your details will be shared with us.  Whatever you choose, and however you give we are incredibly grateful.  Thank you!

A Gift In Your Will