Houghton Weavers at Haslingden Cricket Club

Do you remember the Houghton Weavers? If not tell your folks and treat them to a night out. This is their 40th year of touring and always guarantee an evening of good song and humour with their moto being 'Keep Folk Smiling'.

They first appeared on BBC's talent show "We'll Call You". So successful were they that, within a couple of months they had their own show "Sit Thi Deawn" which had the highest viewing figures for any regional T.V. programme.

As well as having 24 albums bearing their name they have worked with artistes Cannon & Ball, Ken Dodd, Rick Wakeman, Mike Harding, Billy Connolly, Phil Cool, Jasper Carrott, Norman Wisdom, Mick Miller and Stan Boardman amongst many others.

Tickets are £15 and are available from;

  • Heads Above hairdressers on Deardengate in Haslingden
  • Rossendale Hospice at Rawtenstall Health Centre

For more information call Noel on 01706 550308

Houghton Weavers at Holden Arms poster

Houghton Weavers at Haslingden Cricket Club